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QA services

QA & Deployment

The quality of every IT solution created and deployed should be assured; without exception.

VisionLogics Inc successful quality assurance initiative requires well defined metrics to independently verify the performance of the application produced by the development team and involves processes for communicating with the development and project management team for efficient software defect resolution.

Visionlogics offers the following quality assurance and deployment services for internal and external projects:

  • Dedicated QA team specializing in software testing and quality assurance
  • Experience using a number of help desk systems to support QA process
  • Software testing tools and scripts utilized throughout the QA process
  • Multiple time zone QA capability to make developments around the clock
  • Multiple deployment models, onsite or remote offshore
  • Experience configuring access infrastructure solutions, such as Citrix servers during deployment phase


VisionLogics  QA and deployment phase of the development includes:

  • Evaluating the performance of the application using the predefined project metrics
  • Reporting to the development team using cases opened in the help desk system
  • Mobilizing software testing tools and scripts for automation
  • Declaring application general availability after earning a quality certification from the QA team
  • Deploying the application on the customerís environment, either for beta testing or production
  • Utilizing offshore deployment team services as needed


VisionLogics uses a team of experts, including:

  • A dedicated and experienced QA team
  • A deployment team for onsite delivery and deployment
  • An offshore deployment team for remote configuration and deployment

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