Staff Augmentation

Information Technology Staffing Services……

VisionLogics staffing services provide highly skilled technical sound professionals. Clients required additional support whether a week or a year, we call our consultants as technical consultants as it shows their excellence. We have consultants available on various technologies for your IT staffing needs

We specialize in following industries….to provide their all IT related staffing requirements.

  • Information Technology,  Communications, Financial services,
  • Automotive , Chemical , Construction , Consulting/Business Services , Education
  • Energy , Healthcare/Medical , Hospitality/Travel , Insurance , Legal , Manufacturing
  • Media/Entertainment, Pharmaceuticals/Biotechnology, Retail, Transportation/Distribution, Utilities.

We are open to all kinds of customized contractual terms of recruitment.

Some of the most commonly used practices are as below:

  • We Pre-Screen the Consultants Professional and Personality traits before submitting for the requirement to ensure 100% Quality
             and right match.

  • We believe that any business can reflect Profits only if they have appropriate cost cutting methodologies followed.

  • Therefore in an endeavor to mutually benefit in this technique we would like to propose that we would offer you the best of
              candidature on any  technology for the best market rate.

  • We would have a dedicated Account Managers and Recruiters to coordinate for any given project requirement, to ensure that
             we serve the  requirement in the desired time frame.

Professional Traits we look forward at Pre-screening stage:

  • Business Communication: Fluency in written and spoken English
  • Hands on Technical / Functional Experience & Knowledge in the specified area.
  • Analytical Skills.
  • Customer Focus.
  • Being technically qualified.
  • Soft skills (Building Winning Teams, Handling Changes, Managing Time)

Personality Traits we look at Pre-Screening stage:

  • Conscientiousness: Carrying out tasks with attention to every aspect; and being industrious and punctual.
  • Agreeableness: A tendency to be outgoing; enjoy the company of others and are gregarious and likeable; easy to interact with and are approachable.
  • Openness: Should have a preference for social situations, activity, and the public environment.
  • Emotional: Should possess a calm, relaxed approach to situations, people or events; emotional stability.
  • Stability: Controlled responses to unexpected changes.

We would be privileged to have you as our client, who gives us an opportunity to extend our sincere services as we look forward for having a long-term mutually beneficial relationship with your esteemed organization.
is committed to delivering innovation and excellence
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